Camila Alves Still Jealous of Matthew's Ex Penelope Cruz?

This one is coming straight from the unsubstantiated rumor mill, so take it with a grain of salt (like those whispers that Brangelina are calling it quits), but Star magazine has unearthed some trouble brewing between new parents Camila Alves and Matthew McConaughey.

"Camila is a little insecure about her relationship with Matthew because they're not married," the source reveals. And guess what didn't help? When a PR rep at Camila's handbag company MUXO sent a hand-stitched bag from her line to Matthew's ex Penélope Cruz, in hopes that the high-profile actress will be snapped with it on her arm.

"The fear that [Matthew] might reconnect with Penélope is still lurking. She's just praying Penélope marries Javier Bardem soon," adds Star's insider.

Well, we're on your side, Camila! We're praying for a Penélope/Javier wedding just as hard as you. But as for the jealousy stuff: Let it go, chica. Firstly, Penélope isn't about to let go of her Oscar-winning beau for a sweaty, scraggly beach-dweller who's allergic to shirts (no offense, Mattie). Secondly, that scraggly beach-dweller? Totally nutso for you.