Camila Alves: Baby Levi is "a White Boy"

Levi Alves McConaughey may have just missed the jackpot in the genetic lottery. The newborn son of model Camila Alves and actor Matthew McConaughey is "straight up his father," Camila tells Extra. "He has my lips, but he looks so much like Matthew. He's a white boy."

It's too bad that instead of his mom's dusky complexion and flawless bone structure, Levi will likely inherit his pop's leathery skin and receding hairline. We kid, we kid. But hopefully he'll at least get Matt's dimples.

One things for sure, Levi will likey follow in his father's athletic footsteps. When asked how soon Levi will be hitting the waves in Malibu with Matthew, Camila joked "when he can start walking!"

Camila also revealed that welcoming Levi into the world took a whopping 60 hours. "Matthew was there the entire time," the 25-year-old model says. "We went 14 hours with no epidural, having contractions every two minutes. It was the best dance we ever had."

So, what's it like spending 60 hours trying to push a baby out of you? "No matter what people tell you, you have to experience it yourself," she says.

Um, 60 hours of pushing with no drugs? We may just wait awhile to experience that one.