Cameron Diaz Rescues Stray Dog

Cameron Diaz proved she has a heart as big as her smile this weekend. The actress rescued an injured dog, nursing it back to health and helping to find it's owner.

"Diaz brought the dog in her house and gave it some food and water," said a source. "Her assistant posted a 'found German shepherd' sign and [the dog's owner]—Diaz's neighbor who was driving around the area—came across it."

Later, the owner took the dog to the vet, and Cameron "made time to visit the vet where the dog was being treated," the source added.

Cameron's rep Brad Cafarelli confirmed that "Cameron and a friend were involved in returning an injured dog to its owner."

We may occaisonally give Cameron a hard time for her taste in men, but we gotta give her props for her kind attitude towards man's best friend!