Cameron Diaz Is Not Afraid of Turning 40

Cameron Diaz celebrates her 39th birthday this August, and is actively dispelling the idea that turning 40 is a terrifying prospect.

“There's nothing scary about it at all. Life is so much better as you get older,” the Bad Teacher star said in an interview with Australia’s Cleo magazine.

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“I feel stronger, better, more capable, more fulfilled, and happier than I ever did when I was 29, when I was 30, even 35!”

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When asked about filming her latest comedy with ex-boyfriend Justin Timberlake, Diaz said, “We had a relationship that was different to this part of our relationship and if we held onto things that everyone would assume that we should be holding onto, we'd just be missing out on the friendship that we have now, and there's no reason for that.”

Sounds like Cuban actress is definitely getting wiser with age as well!