Cameron Diaz: "I'm Boy Crazy"

If you're still feeling sorry for Cameron Diaz after her very public dumping by Justin Timberlake, save your tears. According to a recent interview with GQ, Cameron reveals that she's been feasting at the man-buffet lately. "It's been nice not having a boyfriend for the past year," Cameron explains. "In fact it's the first time I haven't had one in ten years and I'm enjoying what I'm
getting out of this moment."

The actress, who has been linked to everyone from shudder-inducing mind freak Criss Angel to Kimora Lee's current, Djimon Honsou, insists that she's enjoying playing the field way too much to settle down. "I could be in a relationship if I wanted to be but I haven't finished doing what I'm doing," she says, adding, "I like boys—a lot. I'm boy crazy. That hasn't changed
since I was very young."

To all the nice fellas out there, watch out for this man-eater!