Burt Reynolds Says Charlie Sheen "Deserves" HIV-Positive Diagnosis

Burt Reynolds Says Charlie Sheen "Deserves" HIV-Positive Diagnosis
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Burt Reynolds doesn’t feel sorry about Charlie Sheen’s HIV diagnosis. He thinks the Two and a Half Men star “deserves” it.

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“Charlie, I don’t feel bad for him,” the 79-year-old actor told U.K. talk show Loose Women. “He’s getting what he deserves.”

Reynolds didn’t stop there.

“If you’re gonna misbehave like that, then you’re gonna get yours,” he said when asked if he felt sympathetic to Sheen at all. “He deserves it. He misbehaved badly, really badly.”

Reynolds did offer signs of sympathy, but it was for his longtime friend and Sheen’s father, Martin Sheen.

“His father was a very, very decent man and a dear friend,” he said. “I feel bad for him.”

The Boogie Nights star was once at the receiving end of harsh criticism about his health when rumors about him “dying of AIDS” began to surface after his dramatic weight loss.

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“I just kept working,” Reynolds told ET. “I thought the only way to make these rumors go away is to keep working. …It really was an awful period.”