10 Things We Learned From Bruno Mars' Twitter

Listening to his angsty, emotional, and thought-provoking jams, you would never guess that Bruno Mars is actually quite the comedian. After taking a quick peek at his Twitter, we found ourselves splitting our sides with laughter. It’s clear that the superstar is a down-to-earth dude who doesn’t take himself too seriously.

Check out the 10 hilarious, silly, and downright loco things we learned from Bruno’s Twitter: 

1. Bruno Mars Twitter: Comedian

He’s quite the comedian: 

The “Gorilla” singer posted this hilarious shot with the caption: “What rhymes with Bruno?” 

2. Bruno Mars Twitter: Innovator

He’s an innovator:

Don’t have a stove? Craving a grilled-cheese sandwich? No problem. Do it Bruno-style, and just flip your toaster horizontally. He posted this pic with the helpful advice: “If you put the toaster sideways, you can make grill cheese sandwiches bro! #TourBusEats”

3. Bruno Mars Twitter: KFC

He watches what he eats: 

“Backstage workin out with my personal trainer,” he posted, along with this picture of a bag of (what we assume is) delicious fried chicken from KFC

4. Bruno Mars Twitter: Tiger Musk

He’s thinking ahead:

Many celebrities dabble with fashion lines and fragrance sets. When Bruno decides to brand his own cologne, he’s already got a fantastic name prepared: Tiger Musk, according to his Twitter

5. Bruno Mars Twitter: Ice Cream

He’s ice cold: 

Literally. Bruno Mars posted this picture of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream titled after him. Although “Chewno Mars” isn’t a real flavor (as confirmed on the Ben & Jerry’s Facebook page) the combination of caramel ice cream, caramel swirl, and chocolate-covered caramel chunks sounds mouthwateringly delicious. Maybe one day, Bruno! 

6. Bruno Mars Twitter: Diva

He’s quite the diva: 

Some stars have a demanding list of goods they need to have in order to perform...and Bruno is no different. He posted a picture with the caption, “Here’s my list of demands for my dressing room.” The items? A pair of socks, a bottle of wine, and baby wipes. What a diva. 

7. Bruno Mars Twitter: Power Rangers

He’s full of wisdom: 

“Mess with the best,” he posted. “You’ll die like the rest!” Accompanying the inspirational quote was a picture of everybody’s favorite superheroes, The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. 

8. Bruno Mars Twitter: Smoothie

His milkshakes bring all the boys to the yard: 

Well...his smoothies do at least. Bruno appears to be quite the top chef, whipping up concoctions like strawberry and banana smoothies...which he calls “Stranana.” 

9. Bruno Mars Twitter: Taco Bell

He has a refined palette: 

Only the finest restaurants will do for Mr. Mars! “Closed :( damn!!!!!” he posted with this pic, “We jus want some tacos is all.” 

10. Bruno Mars Twitter: Ketchup Lay's

He asks the tough questions:

“Why come we aint got this in the states!?!? HUH? Why come?” he asked, along with a picture of Ketchup flavored Lay’s.