Britney Spears Comments on Latinos: Is This Offensive?

Getty Images

Britney Spears made an appearance on Univision's Despierta América and expressed her love for Latinos.


Spears was asked what she liked most about Latinos and her response? "I think it’s very sexy. I’ve always loved Latinos," she told Despierta América's host. "They make me think of the typical 'bad boy' type that your father wouldn’t let you go out with."


But although this was the pop star's way of declaring her love for Latinos, many feel her comment was inappropriate, stereotypical and even racist.


Following Spears' appearance, one person said, "The poor thing probably only thinks us Latinos are dangerous gang members, cholas or maids," according to the International Business Times.


Celebrity blogger Perez Hilton also felt Spears' comment was not fully thought out. "Aye dios mio, chica - what are you saying?" He wrote. "We realize the hot-blooded Latino male is a super prevalent stereotype, but you can't judge people based on their ethnicity! Or skin color, sexual orientation, nationality, language, or even by their favorite member of One Direction! You just can't do it, Brit!"


What do you think? Do you feel Spears' comments were offensive or racist?