Britney Spears Inspires Selena Gomez's World Tour

For those of us who were fans of Britney Spears back in her hayday, we know that her concerts and performances always rocked!

According to MTV News, Selena Gomez is hoping her upcoming Stars Dance World Tour will inspire her fans, just as she was inspired by her music idol Spears.

"I want people to feel it when they hear the beat on the song, when they see a dance move, that it encourages them to keep going," Gomez said.

"I want them to non-stop dance, because that's what I grew up watching in the nose bleeds going to every Britney show just still wanting to this day to learn her dance moves because they are so epic, so that's what I'm trying to do, make it fun, original and let them have a great time."

Gomez's Stars Dance album hit stores on July 19. The Stars Dance tour will touch down in various countries across the globe before hitting the U.S. in October.