British TV Host "Outs" Salma Hayek

Forget putting his foot in his mouth, British television host Eamonn Holmes managed to get an entire shoe store in there when he mistakenly announced that Salma Hayek was a lesbian on live television this morning.

Holmes made the error when interviewing the Mexican and Lebanese actress on his show This Morning, and was struggling to understand her strong Mexican accent.

"So, you're a lesbian?" Eamonn remarked when she was describing her mixed race background.

"No, I'm LEBANESE," Salma clarified good-naturedly, laughing off the error.

Sounds like Salma had a good sense of humor about the whole thing, even though this Eamonn Holmes character sounds like kind of an idiot. At least it's bringing some roundabout attention to the reason Salma was on the show in the first place: to promote her partnership with Pampers to bring tetanus vaccines to poverty-stricken children around the world.

Hey, any press is good press, right Salma?