8 Signs Your Boyfriend Has El Chavo del Ocho Tendencies

El Chavo del Ocho (Roberto Gómez Bolaños) is a timeless Mexican comedic character. He was hilariously dumb and endearing and made for TV. Yet, you wouldn’t want to date him. But we all make mistakes. Click through and see if your boyfriend might have El Chavo del Ocho tendencies. A word to the wise: if he possesses more than three drop him quick. 

1. el chavo slide 01 suspenders

He Wears Suspenders and a Hunting Cap

You’ve tried to update his wardrobe but your honey still has a hankering for suspenders and a hunting cap. Of course, El Chavo was always rocking red suspenders (to one side mind you) and a hunting cap. Maybe your beau is a big Chavo fan or maybe you’re just dating a hipster.

2. el chavo slide 02 cartoons

He Still Watches Cartoons

If you’re man-child is still watching Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles or anything else on the Saturday morning cartoon block, you might have yourself a Chavo.

3. el chavo slide 03 fan girl

His Best Friend is a Fan Girl

You met his best friend. She’s nice but a huge geek. She wears big bifocals, is obsessed with Dungeons and Dragons, and has an annoying high-pitched voice. Chavo’s bestie, La Chilindrina, is the blueprint for the female nerd.

4. el chavo slide 04 listen

He Doesn’t Listen

El Chavo’s lack of listening skills always got him into trouble. Similarly, your bf never listens to you. He’s too involved in his fantasy football, cartoons, and video games.

5. el chavo slide 05 barrels

He’s Into Barrels

El Chavo lived in a barrel. He was an orphan. Oh, the comedy (not really but yes really). Your honey bear really digs aged beer in oak barrels. He’s a hipster, we can assure you.

6. el chavo slide 06 scapegoat

He’s Always the Scapegoat

Whether Quico or La Chilindrina cried or something was broken, El Chavo was always blamed. He was a Mexican Charlie Brown with hair. His friends, his family, and his co-workers are always for everything. Your guy can’t catch a break.

7. el chavo slide 07 backbone

He Has No Backbone

El Chavo is a wimp. He rarely stands up for himself. You have your boyfriend wrapped around your little finger but maybe that’s just the way you like it.

8. el chavo slide 08 dumb

He Makes Kim Kardashian Look Like Stephen Hawking

Overall, your beau is good person but he’s as dumb as a doorknob. He’s big on Adam Sandler movies, thinks like Homer Simpson, and is clueless to political affairs.