The Best Dia de los Muertos Products!

From jewelry to a baby bib to an iPhone case, Dia de los Muertos has inspired a slew of new products. Whether you’re heading to a Day of the Dead party, plan to spend it at home, or want to get your kids (even your pup) in on the fun, these festive products help you celebrate. 

1. Dia de los Muertos Youtube Video

Venus Ocean Dia de Los Muertos Skull Makeup Tutorial

There are tons of Dia de los Muertos how-to videos on You Tube, but if you don’t have much time, make sure to watch this one by VenusOcean! The look is gorgeous and (with some practice) easy enough to do yourself. She also has a cool video on how to paint sugar skulls on your nails, here


2. Day of the Dead: Tarina Tarantino Hair Clip

Tarina Tarantino Jewelry

L.A.-based jewelry designer Tarina Tarantino created her Sugar Skull Collection as “a tribute to the brilliant colors and motifs of Dia de los Muertos celebrations.” The designs are perfect to accessorize your Muertos look—but also gorgeous to wear year-round, too.

Lucite, crystal and silk Sugar Skull Daisy Anywhere Clip, $55,

3. Day of the Dead: Lush Soap

LUSH Calaveras Bath Bomb

Although LUSH confirms that this Calavera Bath Bomb ($5.95, “does not contain tequila,” it does have lime oil and marigold petals that fill your bath with color and mood-brightening scent as the ball dissolves. 

4. Day of the Dead: Doggie T

Sugar Skull Doggie T-Shirt

Your dog might not be bad to the bone, but he can still look it! ($23.40,

5. Day of the Dead: Backpack

Dia De Los Muertos Kiddie Backpack

Send your kid to school in style with this cool backpack that serves the double purpose of educating the little ones about Dia de los Muertos. ($24.99,

6. Day of the Dead: Toy

Sugar Skellies Plush Toys

Hit up to pick up some scary cute sugar skull plush toys for the little ones. ($10,

7. Day of the Dead: iPhone Case

Dia De Los Muertos iPhone 3 Case

For the techies, this cool Dia de los Muertos themed iPhone case should do the trick and it comes in multiple designs to pick from! ($47.95,

8. Day of the Dead: Pop Art Book

Dia de Los Muertos Pop Art Book

For a great overview of the influence this Mexican holiday has had on artists the world over, pick up The Day of the Dead: El Dia De Los Muertos ($23.10,

9. Day of the Dead: Bibs

Sugar Booger Baby Bibs

Keep your baby booger and food free with these awesome skull decorated bibs. ($30,

10. Day of the Dead: DVD

Revolucha: Dia de Los Muertos DVD

For the rough and tumble boys, this Lucha Libre DVD, themed to coincide with the Day of the Dead, should be a hit (pun intended). ($9.30,

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