Exclusive Outtakes: The Bella Twins' August 2016 Cover Shoot!

Want more from our August 2016 cover stars, The Bella Twins? Check out these exclusive quotes from their shoot: 

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1. Bella Twins Outtakes 1

On the most surprising thing about living with John Cena

Brie: All the rules that John made for us. We had to make our bed before going and grabbing a cup of coffee.

Nikki: I’ll tell John things and then John always sticks up for me, so the rules in the house are really coming from me. It’s very easy to get messy and I am a clean freak and so is John.

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Nikki on having an identical soul with her sister

Brie and I are very different as far as how we dress and the men we like, but deep down you and I are so identical. We're very much alike in how we live, and our morals and our values.

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Brie’s message to those wanting to pursue their goals

Never feel that at any point you can’t conquer anything. Make your goals. We dealt with a lot when we first got into wrestling. We got pulled down a lot by people that were like, "You don’t want this, it’s all about fame." Her and I were like, "No, it’s all about wrestling."

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Nikki’s advice to young girls

Never accept 'no' as an answer. Turn all your no’s into yes’. Brie and I preach about that very strongly because we heard no a lot. Every time we heard no, we were like we’ll make it a yes. That drive and motivation is why we’re at where we are at today.

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Nikki on growing up Latina

People don’t get it unless their Latin or Italian, but [Jennifer Lopez] gave me this confidence as a young woman and I was proud to be Latina. My dad spoke Spanish and he made me want to speak Spanish and want to experience my culture as a Latina. Then when I did, it made me so proud to know our history, to know our ancestors, to know what we went through. I couldn’t be more proud to be Latina. When I think what we did beyond time and everything we did as Latinos, makes me very proud.

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Brie on why they chose the name Bella

We did The Bella Twins because our grandfather always called us bella. And then he passed away, so we did Bella in memory of him.

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On where they'll be in five years

Nikki: I definitely see myself as a wife in five years. I see Birdie Bee growing into a very huge brand like the Honest brand. I definitely see that touching a lot of women around the world.

Brie: I see myself in five years as a mother of two. In five years, I can definitely bust out two babies.