Becky G Goes In On Music Industry Shade: ‘It’s So Sad To Me That People Can’t Be Happy For Each Other'

Instagram/Becky G

While most stars are twirlin’ on red carpets or announcing their every move from their fave breakfast smoothie to their famous dinner companions, Becky G knows that sometimes you gotta make money moves (to quote Cardi B) quietly.

But recently, the actress and singer, broke her silence on Twitter to wax poetic about the lack of genuine connection in the extremely fickle music business. She was disappointed that some people cannot be happy for others.

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We understand exactly what she means. Case in point, while Missy Elliott and other rappers tweeted support for Cardi B’s “Bodack Yellow” reaching the No. 1. spot on Billboard, Azealia Banks took aim at the Dominican and Trini rap star by calling her a “poor man’s Nicki.” (This was the first time a female rapper reached the top position in 20 years. The last person to do it was Lauryn Hill.) 

Although Banks’ Twitter rant wasn’t what Becky was referring to in her Twitter comments, it illustrates what the Gnome Alone star must be feeling as an artist in this industry. A frustrated Becky G let loose in a series of tweets, saying that people assume she’s not working hard enough because “I don’t announce my every career move.” But just because the “Mayores” singer is silent doesn’t mean she isn’t hustling behind the scenes. Being successful in the entertainment game isn’t a hobby for her.  “This is my life,” said on Twitter.

See Becky G’s tweets below.

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