Because They're Hot: 5 Latino Model Athletes

Rafael Nadal's recent Armani ads really inspired us. So much so that we got to thinking about all the other super hot athletes that have taken a crack at modeling. We have to say—we've got a lot of incredibly good looking athletes who have modeled for big brands lately. So, why not round them all up for your viewing pleasure!

You can thank us later...

1. Model Athlete: Rafael Nadal

Rafael Nadal, 25

Sport: Tennis

Sure, he is one of the best tennis players in the world. And yes, he has broken records for being the youngest player ever to win a Grand Slam. But what really caught our eye was this hot Spaniard's modeling, um, skills. When he took it off for his recent Armani ads, we realized that Rafa is just as hot off the court as he is on it!

Rafael Nadal Strips Down for Armani Ads

2. Model Athlete: Nacho Figueras

Nacho Figueras, 34

Sport: Polo

Nacho Figueras life IS a Ralph Lauren advertisement. So much so that he’s been the face of the brand since 2005. And we can’t blame the folks over at the iconic American fashion house for loving Figueras so much. Besides his dashing good looks, the Polo star is a loving husband and father to a gorgeous family and is basically Argentine royalty. 

Sneak Peek: Polo Hottie Nacho Figueras' Family at Home in Argentina!

3. Model Athlete: Gerard Pique

Gerard Pique, 26

Sport: Soccer/Futbol

We’ve got to admit it, we didn’t really know who Gerard Pique was until he started dating international Colombian pop star Shakira. But once we saw him, we understood immediately why Shaki would date such a younger man (there’s a 10 year age difference!).  The FC Barcelona defender has all the right moves on the pitch and in pictures for Spanish mega-brand Mango.

Dating Shakira has been Good for Gerard Pique's Career!

4. Model Athlete: Robinson Cano

Robinson Cano, 28

Sport: Baseball

Robinson Cano is the All Star starting second basemen for the most storied franchise in American sports history: The New York Yankees. But he handles the pressure with grace and style, which French fashion brand Lacoste definitely picked up on. Cano was recently tapped to be the face of the brand alongside NFL star Kerry Rhodes and looks as cool as a cucumber in the sleek ads.

Crushing On...Robinson Cano

5. Model Athlete: Mark Sanchez

Mark Sanchez, 24

Sport: Football

Mark Sanchez may not be the face of any specific brand…yet. But we’re sure that sooner rather than later, a men’s fashion designer will tap this NY Jets QB for a modeling gig. He’s already proved that he’s got the rugged good looks to pull off even the most risky looks with flair. Have you ever seen a man who looks this good in a pair of tight, white jeans? Yeah, we didn’t think so. 

Want to Know What Mark Sanchez Looks for In a Woman?

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