This 'Beauty and the Beast' Promposal is Seriously Everything

This Beauty And The Beast Promposal Is Seriously Everything
Screenshot from Beauty and the Beast

Fellas, take notes! 

With prom only a couple short months away, teens across the country are looking for elaborate ways to win over the hearts of their potential dates. And that’s definitely the case of one California High School student, who created the most magical promposal, EVER.

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Josh Sabater, a student from Vallejo, California, organized an adorable promposal based on the Disney classic, Beauty and the Beast.

For his promposal, Sabater gave his girlfriend, Valeria Franco, a note instructing her to follow a trail of rose along a path of lined candles. While picking up the rose, playing in the background was Ariana Grande and John Legend singing their amazing rendition of “Beauty and the Beast” for Disney’s live-action adaptation

Sabater, who was wearing a replica blue and gold beast jacket at the end of the path, romantically handed his girlfriend a glass covered rose just like in the movie.

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Seriously, que lindo! Of course, Valerie said yes!

Thankfully, a friend of Valerie's filmed the promposal, which was later shared on Twitter for the whole Internet to enjoy. 

Check out all the pics from the enchanting promposal below: