Battle of the Babies!

The results of the cover wars between Nicole Richie and Christina Aguilera are in! Both new moms had their own covers of People magazine, featuring exclusive pics of their newborns, and according to early estimates reported by MSNBC Nicole's daughter Harlow Kate Winter Madden has beaten Christina's son Max Liron Bratman by a small landslide! The reality star and her daughter are on track to sell 1.8 million copies, about 500,000 more than Christina's cover.

Why all the interest in Nicole and Harlow? “There’s a greater element of curiosity with Nicole,” a magazine insider tells MSNBC.
“She’s gone public about being a heroin addict. Her boyfriend is covered in
tattoos. By default, she’s got the more interesting baby. People want to see how
she settles down. They want to see what kind of baby someone with her background

Furthermore, it seems like Christina isn't as popular on the newsstands as she is in the record stores. “Christina historically doesn’t do that well on covers,” said the source, recalling poor sales of her wedding photo issue in OK!, and lackluster sales
of her nude photo shoot in the January 2008 Marie Claire.

We think both these stars should stick with what they do best: Christina should focus on her new album, and Nicole can keep up the antics that sell gossip rags.