Batkid Saves Pitbull On Good Morning America!

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Oh no! Mr. Worldwide has been kidnapped!

After hosting the 2013 AMA’s last night, Pitbull flew all night to appear on Good Morning America on Monday morning in New York City. 

Unfortunately, as he took the stage to perform “Don’t Stop The Party," the Cubano was kidnapped by none other than the Joker!

According to Hollywood Life, the villain wasn't able to completely stop the party. Batkid was summoned after the Joker kidnapped Pitbull and chained him in his dressing room. 

Batkid, sometimes known by his alias, Miles Scott, is currently in remission from leukemia. Thanks to the Make-A-Wish Foundation, the five-year-old cancer survivor was able to turn his obsession with comic book heroes into a real thing. 

Earlier this month, the city of San Francisco turned into Gotham City for the day, allowing Scott to live out his fantasy of becoming Batkid.

Scott swooped into action as the pint-sized caped crusader, saving San Fran from the villainous Penguin.

Fortunately for Mr. 305, Batkid was on-hand in NYC to save him from the clutches of evil!

Batkid was able to rescue Pitbull and return him to the GMA stage, where he finished his performance, wowing the crowd with his latest hit, “Timber.” 

Thanks, Batkid! 


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