Baseball Team Sparks Controversy with Sheen-co de Mayo

The Lake Elsinore Storm (a Class A California League affiliate of the Padres) has invited Charlie Sheen to a for a “rehab assignment,” as part of a "Sheen-co De Mayo" celebration on May 5. The team will retire the No. 99 Jersey (which Sheen wore in his role as Ricky Vaughn in the the movie, Major League), and will host a rehab-style party featuring "tigerblood cocktails” and  a “two-for-one Ho Ho’s” special.

“As with any rehab assignment, we’re here to help Charlie embrace that ‘#winning’ feeling,” said Chris Jones, Vice President/General Manager of the Storm. “Also, as a show of support, we welcome all current cast and crew members to the ballpark that night for only two and a half cents.” The team has also invited Sheen to throw out the first pitch at the game.

This all sounds pretty silly to us, but there are some who aren’t laughing about it. Joe Olague, the President of the Inland Empire Council of the League of United Latin American Citizen’s, told the Riverside Press-Enterprise that the Storm promotion “diminishes a significant day in Hispanic history.”

“This makes the day less significant for the Latino community,” said Olague. Olague added that he’s concerned that hosting the event in minor league baseball will send the wrong message to Latinos who attend the games with their kids.

“We’ve got to go ahead and promote the positives to them,” he said.