The Bald & The Beautiful

William Levy (AKA the Cuban Brad Pitt) showed up at Friday's Premios Juventud Awards with a bold new look—actually, it was more like a bald new look!

The telenovela hunk—who we're used to seeing with a full head of Ricky Martin-esque blonde hair circa 1999's "Livin' La Vida Loca"—walked the red carpet at the Miami award show acting totally casual and nonchalant about his new shave. In fact, William was so carefree and relaxed that some might say he was acting like he didn't have a hair in the world (pun intended). But even with his follicles gone, William still managed to be one of the hottest guys at the show, if not the hottest. Here are five stars, who like William, are bald and beautiful!

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