Ask A Non-Latino Celeb: '90210' Star Matt Lanter Wants to Date Jennifer Lopez & His Sexy Spanish Message for Fans!

Our Non-Latino Celeb of the Week is the hunky Matt Lanter, who is best known for his role as badass Liam Court on the CW's hit show, 90210 (Tuesdays, 8/7c). The 28-year-old actor spoke to exclusively about his crush on Jennifer Lopez, his Latino co-stars (Michael Steger and Tristan Wilds), and playing golf with George Lopez

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Why do you love Latin culture

There seems to be so much passion in everything they do.

What’s your favorite Latin dish?

Man, I love a classic fajita dish!

Three of your co-stars have been Latin on 90210: Michael Trevino, Tristan Wilds and Michael Steger. What, if anything, has each of them taught you about Latin culture?

Steger has taught me that he can play Persian, Latin and anything else under the sun. Jealous white boy here.

You also worked with Francia Raisa in The Cutting Edge. You seem to love working with Latinos! True?

I guess I do!

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Do you serve Tequila at Liam’s bar?

I don't actually serve anything at Liam's bar!...There is some kind of weird TV thing where because the character is underage, he can drink alcohol but not serve it.  Makes no sense.

If you could have one Latino celeb guest star on your show, it would be?

Maybe George Lopez, just so I could talk golf with him.

If you could talk to Jennifer Lopez about anything for 15 minutes, what would you want to talk about?

I would ask her about her workout routine. Wow.

If you could date one Latina celeb, it would be?

After I talk to Jennifer Lopez about her routine, I would then try to date her.

A lot of Latinas think you’re sexy. Say something sexy to them in Spanish!

Gracias por ser un fan. I totally just internet translated that.

Do you speak Spanish?

I took three years growing up, but I've forgotten most of it.  I can't even remember to take out the trash so I think another language is futile.