Are the Rumors about Paulina Rubio’s Impending Divorce True?

Our friends at Celestrellas are reporting that the rumors about Paulina Rubio divorcing Nicolas "Colate" Nájera may indeed be true.

Although Colate has denied that he is seeking legal council (he was seen at a famous Miami divorce lawyers office this week), AOL Latino has learned through sources close to the couple that his marriage with Rubio is on the rocks and has been for a long time.

Paulina’s jealousy and Colate’s partying seem to be the main issues. The source says that on several occasions La Chica Dorada threw Colate out of the house they share in Miami because he would come home from dinner with friends too late and too tipsy.

The source also reveals that the breaking point came during Rubio's pregnancy. Paulina was very upset that Nájera frequently went out without her and a week before the birth of Andrea Nicolás, Rubio reportedly threw Colate out and threatened to not let him be in the delivery room. When Pao’s father was sick, the couple briefly reunited, and Colate never left Rubio's side. On the surface, it appeared as though the pair had recommitted to family and their marriage.

But soon enough, Nájera's penchant for partying and boozing once again became a problem and Rubio has since distanced herself from her husband. While they haven’t talked about divorce, Paulina is currently living in Los Angeles with their son, while Nájera remains in Miami.