Are Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon Done Having Children?

In a new interview with, new dad Nick Cannon said he and his wife Mariah Carey might be done having children after welcoming twins into the world on April 30th. "I think we are [done] if you ask my wife," said Nick with a laugh. "I keep threatening her with getting her pregnant again, and she doesn't like it. She doesn't think that's funny. I heard women are their most fertile after they have children."

Cannon also tells Popeater that he's aware that people aren't exactly over the moon about the fact that he and his wife named their twins Monroe and Moroccan. “I heard the names have been causing quite the controversy as well," said Nick. "Monroe, obviously, my wife has always been inspired by Marilyn Monroe ... she bought her priceless piano and all that stuff. And I just like the idea that is was more than just naming our daughter Marilyn. I think that would've been a little too cliché. Monroe is a very strong name—it sounds really elegant," he added.

As for Moroccan, Nick says that one was his idea. "When you think about Moroccan, it's kind of both of our names together—Mariah and Nick together. And I always like the name Rock. Rock Cannon. It sounded like a strong name. We also have Moroccan rooms in our houses in L.A. and in New York. I've always thought that was kind of cool ... I actually proposed to my wife in the Moroccan room in New York, so it has a lot of symbolism. We like it a lot," he said.

While people will continue to disagree about whether those were the best names for "dem babies," everyone can agree that Nick is an excellent husband. After being her unofficial publicist throughout her entire nine-month pregnancy, Nick gave Mariah an amazing gift for Mother's Day: a 4-carat diamond and sapphire necklace from Jason of Beverly Hills.  Reportedly, the necklace is valued at $12,000.

"Nick came in and met with Jason on the Friday after his twins were born,” a source tells PEOPLE. “He was bleary eyed, looking so tired but so happy—all smiles, saying he wanted to design something special for Mariah’s first Mother’s day. He couldn’t want to surprise her on Sunday.”