April Unscripted: When Life Hands You Lemons…

Hello Darlings! I have to tell you, I was so amazed by the responses from my last blog post “Say Hello to the Real House Wife of Bronx County." 

I had so much fun developing the post because it truly came from such an honest place - my heart. So I just wanted to “Thank You” for allowing me to share my thoughts. Your comments mean so much to me and have provided me the opportunity to continue to open myself up and expose my thoughts, ideas and experiences with you. I plan to develop a second installment of that story in my next post, which will discuss the role of a husband so Stay Tuned! However, in this particular post I wanted to change direction and address the idea When life hands you lemons… squeeze the heck out of them!

This is usually the time of the year where most people purge their closets both literally and mentally. We plan out our yearly goals, throw away old clothes to make space for the new ones. We begin to post positive affirmations around every corner of the house; set up paper and digital calendar reminders; we even share our thoughts on social sites for the whole world to see? It’s as if we stand up in our Superwomen or Superman stance and declare, “This is going to be my Year!

You are so sure things are going to work out the way you have envisioned. Feeling confident that nothing will get in your way! Then, out of nowhere, you receive a surprise phone call advising: a) one of your parents is terminally ill; b) you have just found out you have breast cancer; c) you get laid off; d) begin to feel like you have no purpose; e) maybe the man or woman you loved has cheated on you and you feel like your whole world is going to collapse? All your dreams shattered in an instant, with no time to even grasp the reality of LIFE.  Have you ever felt this way?

Well I speak from my own experience; the beginning of 2012 has begun with me scratching my head thinking “I did not plan for any of this?” With just three weeks into the new year, life has thrown me extremely sour lemons and what’s interesting is that I had no control over it. I stopped and thought about it several times and for the life of me I could not make lemonade. However, just a few days ago I finally became able to get a grasp on life.

I recently heard a man speak about “when life heats up, never give up because God will show up!” Now please understand I respect all religious beliefs and my intention is not to impose any of my beliefs on you; however, I am taking this opportunity to open up and speak from my heart about my own experience. Therefore, I hope I will not offend anyone? In listening to the man’s advice, I felt a sense of peace overcome my heart, mind and soul. I realized, I did have control over my reaction to the problems I was facing, and most importantly realized I was not alone.

April Unscripted: Looking Forward to 2012

I once heard Tyler Perry speak and one of the most powerful take away messages he shared explained that the only reason he believed he made it this far, was because he never gave up. No matter how hard life became, his faith in God provided guidance. Hence, no matter how hard life gets for me, I too will never give up!

So, if you are reading this and you find yourself in a place where you are about to throw in the towel and/or ready to throw away “those lemons”, I ask you to stop, breathe, and take a moment to recognize life is so worth living. Every day you wake up, you have the opportunity to create change and manage the way you react to situations. Take your “mess” and make it into a “message”, because you never know who you will inspire. Everyone is created for a purpose.  Now go grab those lemons and squeeze the heck out of them!