Antonio Banderas Says 'The 33' Will "Make Us Reflect On Life"

Getty Images

Spanish actor Antonio Banderas recently spoke about his upcoming film The 33 and how it has caused him to reflect on life and humanity.


The movie will document the Chilean mining accident of 2010. For nearly two months, 33 miners were trapped in the San Jose Mine. The mineshaft where the men were stuck is about 622 meters (or 2,039 feet) deep. 


Fox News Latino reports that Banderas spoke about the film with Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos. According to the 53-year-old actor, the film seeks to tell the stories to real story of the miners, but also asks viewers to reflect upon their own lives. 


“They (the miners) did not see themselves as heroes,” he said. “They came to see themselves as human beings and probably came out of the mine better human beings than they were before -- that is the important thing.”


The Spaniard is set to play Mario Sepulveda, the leader of the miners. Ultimately, Sepulveda and the group were rescued with a capsule designed in part by NASA. 


The 33 is set to be released in 2014, and co-stars James Brolin, Martin Sheen, and Jacob Vargas.