Antonio Banderas Reveals He Suffered From a Heart Attack in January

Antonio Banderas Reveals He Suffered From a Heart Attack

Antonio Banderas just gave fans a bit of a scare when he revealed he suffered from a heart attack earlier this year.

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The 56-year-old actor said that the incident happened on January 26th, "but it wasn't serious and hasn't caused any damage." In true Banderas fashion, the Spaniard was super chill about the whole thing, explaining that it "hasn't been as dramatic as some have written." The actor reportedly had a procedure where three stents were put into his arteries. Initially, though, it was a visit to a Swiss clinic that sparked speculation on his health. Banderas was taken to a hospital near his home in Surrey after the heart attack, but quickly recovered to "perfectly good health."

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There is a bright side, though. Banderas shared this somewhat scary news at a film festival where he was given the Biznaga de Oro Honorifica trophy. The actor's health was never questioned, especially since he gave a little flamenco dance while picking up his award.