Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffith to Host Obama Fundraiser at Their Home

On Oct. 24, President Obama will hold a Latino fundraising event at the Los Angeles home of Spanish actor Antonio Banderas and his wife, Melanie Griffith, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Eva Longoria will co-host the first ever Latino gala supporting Obama’s candidacy.

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Banderas and Griffith were strong supporters of Obama in the 2008 elections and are proving their allegiance by hosting this fundraiser. Longoria has been an outspoken force in addressing Latino issues during Obama’s current term. She and America Ferrera had met with the President in the White House this year to discuss immigration and the DREAM Act. 

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This event is expected to attract other Hollywood Obama backers as well as Latino supporters of the President from across the country. Members of the national Futuro Fund and the mayors of both Los Angeles and San Antonio are also slated to attend. Tickets for the gala range from $5,000 to $35,800.