Angelina's Double Mastectomy: Celebs & Latina Readers React

Cat Alina: “I believe it was a brave move on her [Angelina’s] part. From my personal experience, my mother is going through breast cancer treatment. If my chances were as high as Angelina's, I would undergo a double mastectomy too. If I can prevent all the heartache, headache, emotional and physical stress with a preventative surgery, I'd do it! Thank goodness the likelihood of having a genetic disposition to a cancer is low, for me.”

Anjoleen Himes: “I think Angelina's decision was a little extreme. I think aggressive prevention would mean frequent mammograms (once a month/once every three months) and hit when/if it surfaces.”

Christiana Cole: “She was smart, brave, and on the offense instead of purely defense. If I could do it that way if needed, I would.”

Angela Ramirez de Leon: “Without truly being faced with such a devastatingly personal issue, it would be hard to answer with certainty. But, with that being said, I would hope to opt to have a double mastectomy and subsequent reconstructive surgery in order to be proactive in such a situation. I applaud both these women [Angelina Jolie and CNN’s Zoraida Sambolin] and everyone else who has had to face such unfortunate circumstances and decisions, simply for their bravery and fortitude, if nothing else. May you all continue your fight and be blessed in all you do!”