Angelina's Double Mastectomy: Celebs & Latina Readers React

Ever since Angelina Jolie revealed that she had a preventive double mastectomy surgery this spring, it seems like the whole world has commented on the shocking decision, including two of our fave Latina celebs – actress Zoë Saldaña and Colombian superstar Shakira.

We even asked readers (on both our Facebook and Instagram accounts) to share their thoughts on Jolie’s medical decision, and if they would do the to improve their chances of not getting breast cancer.

Below are some of the comments:

Zoë Saldaña: “By sharing your personal experience you're going to empower and inspire a lot of women that are victims of cancer right now to heal and to survive.” The Dominican/Puerto Rican actress described Jolie as “the ultimate badass!”

Shakira: “I think she's such a smart woman and what she's doing is inspiring so many women out there to make educated decisions.”

From Facebook:

Plant-Strong Latina: “It's very difficult for me to put myself in that situation... I am 31, very healthy and active, and I don't even had kids yet. When I do though, I know I will do anything my power to be there (alive) for them and make them happy-- even if that meant getting a double mastectomy. Our bodies do not make us; our actions, thoughts, principles, integrity and contributions to other and the world do.”