Ana Ortiz's Clock is Ticking

Could Ana Ortiz be the next celebrity passenger on the baby bandwagon? It appears that her boss, Ugly Betty producer Salma Hayek, has inspired some motherhood aspirations in Ana, who is 37. As Ana told us, last time she saw pregnant Salma, the soon-to-be-wed star pointed at her and said, "You're next!"

Ana, who married musician Noah Lebenzon in Puerto Rico a year ago, tells People that they “are definitely talking about kids...probably sooner than later!” Because of a huge age-gap between her and her younger siblings, Ana grew up as an only child and, no matter what it takes, looks forward to a big family with Noah. “I want to make sure that I have at least three kids. Even if I don't give birth to all of them. Adoption, natural—everything is up in the air!”

Hmmm...are Ana and Noah a Brangelina in the making? We look forward to seeing the familia grow!