Ana Ortiz: "There's a Lot of Trust" Between Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson

Looks like Ana Ortiz is channeling her inner bochinchera, just like her Ugly Betty character, Hilda Suarez. The television star gave OK! Magazine a little chisme about her costar Lindsay Lohan and her "gal pal" Samantha Ronson at last night's premiere of Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2:

"Sam came and visited, and she was great," Ana revealed. "She just hung out with us, just palled around with us and watched the goings on. They seem to have a really nice trust with one another."

Is Ana asking us to read between the lines regarding the girls' close and special relationship? "I didn't see a lot of their interaction. Sam just sort of watched the scene and then they would go back to hair and makeup or to her [Lindsay's] trailer or to lunch."

She adds, "But they definitely seem to have a really nice, comfortable relationship where there's a lot of trust. That's hard to find."

Well, Ana's too nice a girl to give us the real dirt as, say, Suzuki St. Pierre would have, but she did have some nice things to say about Lindsay's on-set behavior.

"I think at first she was probably a little bit shy," Ana says. "It's hard to walk into a whole new group of people that you don't know but luckily her first scene with us was a food fight, so she got to throw bagels and chicken and pizza. She really got what our show is about and she really fell into the energy with us."

That's all very nice, Ana, but next time we think we're gonna stick to Suzuki for our insider info. He would have told us what really went on in Lindsay's trailer—or at least made something interesting up.