Ana de la Reguera Uses Humor to Get Through Breakup

We're loving us some Ana de la Reguera these days. We knew she had a sense of humor when we saw her in those hysterical Kahlua commercials, but the Mexican actress has managed to stay "intriguing" since her break up from Univision anchor Jorge Ramos.

The normally very private de la Reguera has spoken out on the split, telling press on the red carpet of Covergirl's 50th anniversary celebration flat out that infidelity on Ramos' part caused the breakup.

And now she's taken to Twitter to vent her feelings. First she posted a Tweet asking herself why she was with a 53-year-old "viejito" when she could have been with two 25-year-olds (ouch). But things got really funny when she posted a link to the infamous Maria la del Barrio scene below, with the note: "This is how I was when I found out about the infidelity." You gotta love the girl for being honest!