Ana de la Reguera Confirms that Jorge Ramos Cheated

We were shocked to read this report on Celestrellas, especially given how intensely private HBO star Ana de la Reguera and Univision anchor Jorge Ramos have been about their relationship over the years. Ever since news broke that the couple decided to end their 4-year courtship, rumors have been swirling about the causes of the break-up. From distance, to their schedules to whispers of infidelity—everyone has speculated about their split.

Now Ana wants to set the record straight and we have a feeling that Mr. Ramos isn't going to be so happy about it. On the red carpet for the 50th Anniversary for the CoverGirl, a reporter asked her point blank about the end of her relationship with the silver fox and de la Reguera just as frankly confirmed that she had been cheated on.

"Now, I am part of the club of women who have been cheated on," she declared. When pushed to comment further, de la Reguera took a step back, saying it was too soon after the end of the relationship to share her feelings and that she just wanted to move past it. But Ana hasn't lost hope in dating, when a female journalist asked her if she thinks all men are the same, Ana looked surprised and responded with a whimsical smile, "I hope not!"

Here she is, bluntly telling the red carpet reporter that Jorge Ramos did, indeed, cheat on her. Ouch! Guess sometimes honestly is the best revenge: