All Hell Breaks Loose at Panel for Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony's ‘Q'Viva: The Chosen’

Let’s just say this wasn’t your typical breakfast!

A media ruckus formed early Saturday during the Television Critics Association panel for Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony’s new show Q'Viva: The Chosen in California. As we previously reported, the estranged power couple was confirmed to attend the breakfast in order to promote their new production, which premieres January 28th on Univision.

According to, the event quickly started on the wrong foot after critics were led to a crowded room where they waited for Lopez and Anthony to arrive. Word is that the former lovebirds got to the panel just 15 minutes before it was set to end. Once the Q&A began, a moderator limited the type of questions reporters could ask the 42-year-old pop star and ex-husband, who abruptly announced that they were ending their 7-year marriage last summer.

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When asked about working with her ex on the new show, which features a search for the best new talent in Latin America, the “Love Don’t Cost a Thing” singer declared, “It’s the same as any other time we work together.” She added, “We have a great time.” As the event went on, the Q&A became more controlled by the moderator, which made for angry critics. One reporter even shouted, “The critics would like to ask their questions!”

The panel ended with cranky critics while Lopez and Anthony were hustled off stage. Who knew critics could be divas too?

Do you think the critics had a right to cause all that drama?

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