EXCLUSIVE: Alexa Vega Talks 'Machete Kills' & Spills Details About Her Engagement!

We saw Hairspray back when you were playing Penny Pingleton. You were fabulous! Any plans to return to theater down the road?

That’s so funny that you saw Hairspray! It was such an interesting experience. It was the first time I lived on my own in New York. My mom had me on this crazy budget -- she wanted me to have a college experience while I was there. So I was working my butt off dancing and singing. It was tough, it was one of the hardest times in freezing cold New York. But it was a really big learning experience for me. It was great, I would love to get back out there again to do more.

You’ve got a lot of projects keeping you busy that come out this year and next, what can we expect to see from for you in 2014?

I have a bunch of different projects for sure. I have one character in Wicked Blood, which is like Sons of Anarchy. They come from a small town and it's really different and more grown up. I also did a family film called The Hunters, which comes out at the end of this month. It’s a made for TV family movie that’s going to be on the Hallmark Channel. It’s really sweet and fun for the family!

Be sure to catch Alexa Vega as KillJoy in Machete Kills, in theaters October 11!