EXCLUSIVE: Alexa Vega Talks 'Machete Kills' & Spills Details About Her Engagement!

We can't wait to see Machete Kills this weekend! Tell us about your character KillJoy. What about her made you say, "I need to be in this movie?"

You know, I’ve been looking for a good transition role like this one. You go from these kid movies and it’s kind of baby steps because people picture me as that one thing -- a kid  I’ve been trying to slowly bring my image to an older audience. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’m going to play the young role as long as I can because once that ship has sailed, there’s no getting back on it. I really wanted to be challenged.  

This role is so different from anything I’ve taken on. Robert [Rodriguez] was really hesitant about letting me take this role on because everyone still sees me as their daughter. No one wants to see their daughter in leather and leather straps, but I think in the end I was able to prove myself to all of them.

What has it been like transitioning from child star to adult? How have you kept yourself grounded?

You have to be really respectful to the fans who have been with you the entire way. You don’t want to alienate the ones who have been supportive of you. Part of that is maintaining being a good role model, you know because I’m the oldest of six kids and I don’t want to let those kids down. It’s tough because everything is so scrutinized in the media and I’m not perfect. But I feel like my mom really has instilled morals in all of us.

What was the most fun part about doing a movie like Machete Kills? The most challenging?

Oh gosh! All the action and working with all these incredible actors. I like that feeling of trying something new, I like trying to overcome a few little fears. I’ve never had to wear anything so revealing before, so that was a bit challenging, but fun.

What was it like working with all these great Latino stars like Danny Trejo, Michelle Rodriguez, Sofia Vergara and Charlie Sheen?

They all are truly incredible people. It was so great working with Danny again. I’ve known him since I was 11 years old. He was my "uncle Machete" since Spy Kids. On set we all call him a little pussycat because he’s so sweet. You would think that he’s tough as Machete, but he’s not at all that scary dude. He’s such a sweetie pie! It was so nice working with him.

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