Alex Rodriguez Stands By His Woman as Madonna Nears "Meltdown"

Could baseball player Alex Rodriguez be stepping up to the plate for his lady love Madonna? As the Material Girl approaches "full meltdown mode," according to her pals, and orders her assistants to gather all the gifts she recieved from her soon-to-be ex-husband Guy Ritchie so she can bury them, her boy toy A-Rod is proving to be the rock holding her together.

"Madonna's going through some tough times, but she's still planning a trip to Malawi when the divorce is finalized and her tour is over, and she still expects A-Rod to come on the trip with her," a source close to the singer tells MSNBC. "There's very much a deep relationship there, even when she's going through what she is now."

Alex seems to be playing a more crucial role in Madge's life than even religion these days. "In recent years she's really relied on her Kabbalah advisors, but more for big decisions. She's barely functioning without a consult at this point," says the source.

We're pretty sure A-Rod didn't bargain for this when he started his affair with Madonna, but looks like he's gonna stick by his woman through thick and thin. We just feel sorry for Cynthia Rodriguez–looks like he's being a better partner to Madge than he ever was to his own wife.