Alex Rodriguez Spotted with Mystery Dates in New York and Miami

Before the ink has a chance to dry on his divorce papers, Alex Rodriquez is already steppin' out with a duo of new gal pals.

The New York Post reports that A-Rod had dinner and drinks in Miami with a mysterious blonde, who looks like a younger version of his ex-wife, Cynthia. The couple had an intimate meal at Dan Marino's in South Beach and "looked to be thoroughly enjoying themselves," according to a source.

They followed it up with a nightcap at Bougainvilla, leaving around 1 a.m., which is when photogs caught up to them. "Up until that point, I don't think they thought anyone had noticed them," said a witness.

Alex tried to do some last-minute damage control, distancing himself from the blonde before yelling out, "This is nothing. She's an old friend of mine. Leave us alone." The couple then jumped into Alex's Mercedes and sped off.

A-Rod wasn't quite as coy back in New York City on Sunday night, when he partied on the rooftop of the elite SoHo House with a tall Asian woman with "good hair," according to a source, who also notes that Alex was "out-of-his-way nice" to the club staff. "He seemed in great spirits," said one spy.

The couple then tried the old "exiting separately" routine before jumping into an SUV together just before midnight.

Sleazy is as sleazy does, as always, but at least he's not cheating on anyone this time, right?