A History of A-Rod’s Man Diva Behavior

Alex Rodriguez can’t win. The much-maligned New York Yankee baseball star, once again, is linked to PEDs/steroids. MLB is investigating Biogenesis, a Miami-based health clinic, for allegedly providing PEDs to A-Rod and a couple of other pro baseballers. It isn’t the Dominican American’s first dance with the illegal muscle-bulging drug—which makes it all the more appalling. Rodriguez is also refusing to directly speak on the investigation until further notice. Are you surprised? A-Rod is perhaps the biggest diva in professional sports, ever. Which is why we present: A History of A-Rod’s Man Diva Behavior. Click away.

1. A-Rod Diva 1

October 2004: What Swat?

During Game 6 of the 2004 American League Championship Series against the Boston Red Sox, Rodriguez showed the world his true colors. Rodriguez hit the ball to Boston pitcher Bronson Arroyo; Arroyo ran to first base to tag A-Rod BUT A-Rod swatted the ball out his glove. Where’s that in the MLB playbook? It’s not. 

2. A-Rod Diva 2

2005: Sweet Rides

Dbags tend to ride in big, expensive cars to, ahem, compensate for their personality shortcomings. The bigger the jerk, the bigger the car, que no? Yes. A-Rod owns a Mercedes dealership in Texas—easy access to a new car anytime. 

3. A-Rod Diva 3

September 2006: Pity the Pretty

In a cover story for Sports Illustrated, his Yankee teammate, Jason Giambi said, “Alex doesn’t know who he is. We’re going to find out who he is in the next couple of months.” A-Rod for his part, let out one of the most arrogant quotes ever spoken by a man in pinstripes, "When people write [bad things] about me, I don't know if it's [because] I'm good-looking, I'm biracial, I make the most money, I play on the most popular team..." Pobrecito!

4. A-Rod Diva 4

2006: A-Rod for A-Rod Charity

Earlier this year, The Boston Globe uncovered some pretty rotten facts on Rodriguez’s charity, A-Rod Family Foundation. The charity raised $400,000 via a celebrity poker tournament with Jay-Z in 2006. Then the AFF donated $5,000 to the Shawn Carter Scholarship Fund, $90 to a Miami-based Little League team, and nothing more. The following year, the IRS stepped in and ended the charity’s ability to accept donations. 

5. A-Rod Diva 5

December 2008: Hot Texts on the Platter

A-Rod’s a man-whore. We know this. He cheated on his wife. He even cheated on the woman he left his wife for—Madonna. While he was still with the Material Girl, he sent obsessive, lustful texts to model, Melissa Britos. Hi, my name is Alex and I’m an a*****e. 

6. A-Rod Diva 6

April 2009: Details Magazine Photos

A-Rod was in the middle of his romance with Madonna. Yet, it’s his Details Magazine photos, which make you go, Why? The most puzzling of the batch—A-Rod kissing A-Rod (in a mirror). We wonder if he at least got himself dinner before he went to first base with himself. Huh? 

7. A-Rod Diva 7

February 2010: The Pickup Artist

A-Rod, we get it. You’re a papi chulo who hasn’t had to work to get numbers at the club. . . ever. But your weak sauce pickup lines surprise us. According to Selena Roberts' book, A-Rod: The Many Lives of Alex Rodriguez, his go-to line was “Who's hotter, me or Derek Jeter?" C’mon Alex!

8. A-Rod Diva 8

February 2011: Poppin’ Off

A-Rod and then girlfriend, Cameron Diaz, were caught in mid-PDA at the Super Bowl—Diaz fed A-Rod popcorn. Allegedly, A-Rod went ‘roid rage apes**t. 

9. A-Rod Diva 9

August 2011: Poker Face

Rodriguez was investigated for participating in illegal poker games, where millions of dollars were tossed around like Nerf balls. Six years earlier, MLB commissioner, Bud Selig, warned A-Rod to put an end to his illegal poker habit but no one, not even your boss, can tell A-Rod what to do. 

10. A-Rod Diva 10

March 2012: Buy, Buy Love

If your uncle were A-Rod you’d expect lavish gifts. Well, Tio A-Rod is very generous indeed—he took his girlfriend, Torrie Wilson, and niece, Michelle Silva, on a shopping spree (over $17,000) at NYC boutique, Blue & Cream. Silva’s mom, fearing her brother’s gifts would spoil her daughter, demanded Silva return the clothes. A-Rod’s people tried to return the clothes but were met with a “no return policy; only store credit.” Silva then emailed the store and said her uncle will have to take “further measures” to resolve this. Divaness runs in the family!