Alanis Morissette on Demi Lovato: She's "A Huge-Voiced Goddess"

Alanis Morissette on Demi Lovato: She's "A Huge-Voiced Goddess"
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Who knew Alanis Morissette was a Demi Lovato fan?

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The two singers came together to sing a rendition of Morissette's hit "You Oughta Know." The performance was to celebrate the 20th anniversary of her breakout album Jagged Little Pill

"I already knew she sang beautifully, but when I saw her perform her single before our performance together, I just thought, "Oh my gosh, this is gonna be really fun," Morissette told Billboard. "During our rehearsal, when she was harmonizing with me, it was stunning, because I've been such a solo artist. You know, I've been singing alone for so long. To have a huge-voiced goddess with me was lovely."

After their performance, Morissette tweeted about having fun with Demi and she responded right back. 

"I had SO much fun.. Thank you SO much @Alanis!!! Was awesome to perform with one of the baddest women in the music industry."

In her interview, Alanis spoke about the new generation and collaborating with people she never thought she would. 

"It's a sisterhood that I didn't have when I was younger. When Jagged Little Pill came out, I was really overwhelmed by the over stimulation of it all, and I was reaching out to all these different celebrities -- whose names aren't even relevant at this point -- but I was reaching out to all these people to see if I could hang out with them or get some support maybe, some mentorship, and every phone call I made, it was received with: "Why are you calling me?" It was an odd thing, apparently, during the '90s to reach out for that kind of camaraderie or that kind of support. And it was both genders. I thought, "OK, well, if some of the women aren't working out, I'm going to reach out to some brothers." [Laughs] That didn't work out either. I just had this naive thought that I could have this sisterhood, and what's lovely now is that the new generation, if they in any way, shape or form reach out to me, it's just so lovely to offer them a safe place to land or just someone who is chronologically older than them and perhaps has had some similar experiences with fame and zeitgeistness who can just love 'em up," she said. 

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Check out the amazing performance below: