Alana De La Garza Gives Birth to Baby Girl!

“He kept kissing her forehead and saying ‘Baby sista’s not in Mama’s belly anymore!’” she told the website. “It was one of the sweetest things I’ve ever seen and most proud I’ve ever been.”

Back in February when De La Garza was with 4½ months pregnant, she shared her pregnancy cravings and confusion about what to name her daughter to Latina.

“I'm obsessed with cucumber salad! It's absurd. And there was a night that I had to have a strawberry toaster strudel,” she said. “It was raining and cold outside, but I couldn't think of anything else! I got my glorious box and had to stop at devouring two. However, my self control didn't last...The box was empty within 3 days. Ahhhhh, sooo good!” Hilarious!

Congrats to De La Garza and her husband on their new bundle of joy!