Exclusive: Al Horford Talks NBA, Charity, & Married Life With Former Miss Universe, Amelia Vega

The Atlanta Hawks Dominican bigman discusses his charity work with Basketball Without Borders, being married to former Miss Universe, Amelia Vega, and Latinos in the NBA.

Tell us about the NBA’s Baskteball Without Borders.

We did these basketball camps in each continent and this was my third time doing it with them. This time I was in South Africa. We did a camp for these high school kids and also did a lot of community outreach while we were out there. It was pretty special. The moment that stood out was when we went to the SOS Children’s Village. SOS is an organization that places orphans with foster families; there were like eight to 10 kids per house. We spent time with them and donated different things. That event was the most gratifying for sure.

How did meet your wife, former Miss Universe, Amelia Vega?

We met about six years ago. I was at the Latin Pride Awards in Boston, that’s where we met. We actually started dating four years after that. We were doing a campaign for children with cancer and we were spokespeople for the cause, we met there again and that’s where we started dating.

When did you know you were going to marry her?

It was pretty quick for me. We started dating and became pretty obvious that she was the right person for me. It just felt right. I would always make fun of people, or wouldn’t believe something like that was true. I felt right with her and I knew that I wanted to marry her.

How’s married life?

Married life is awesome, we really enjoy each other’s company. We get to travel together a lot of the time especially in the summer. We’re building something special—our lives together.