AJ Barrera Gives Us Demi Lovato's Life Forecast for the Next Two Years

Latina contributor and intuitive counselor AJ Barrera tells us what's in store for Demi Lovato:

Demi Lovato is a pop princess with a winning smile, but this 18-year-old phenom has had some major, adult-sized issues to grapple with this past year.  Demi falls into a 4 Life Path Number, a 1 Attitude Number and a 5 Personal Year for 2011.

As a 4 Life Path Number, Demi is someone who makes things happen, rather than just dreaming about them. She makes what others see come to life and take its true form. Demi is a hard worker and has her own secrets to making success happen. The flip side is that Demi can be way too hard on herself when it comes down to family, friends and watching her own health.

As a 1 Attitude Number, Demi’s energy shifts into being an aggressive person when pursuing love. She is completely self-motivated, but tends to have self-esteem issues. She often works hard and feels that it doesn’t pay off. Demi needs to feel wanted and understood by others.

For Demi’s Personal Year in 2011, she falls into a 5. But let’s take it back one year where she fell into a 4. In many ways 2010 was a frustrating year, when considerable efforts failed to produce the best results, such as being on tour with the Jonas Brothers. Other difficulties followed, such as taking her anger out on a back-up dancer by hitting her in the face. This year, Demi confessed that she was in fact battling bipolar disorder, a condition for which she has sought treatment. 

It’s time to get organized and to bring Demi back. Demi’s responsibilities will increase; the effort and hard work will need to be maintained at a reasonable level.

2011 is all about feeling loose and free. There are going to be several major changes in her life. Horizons are going to expand. Demi will likely make new friends this year as her social activities expand. This is the year that will bring new excitement, adventures and a good deal of freedom to let go from her past experiences.

As for 2012, Demi’s Personal Year will be a 6, which is all about love, family, home and responsibility. This year will bring increasing tasks in life, deepening concerns for family, loved ones and close friends. 2012 is about finished projects and moving through the year, but she will enjoy the peace and harmony that this personal year brings.

I feel like Demi wants to do well from here on out, working with kids, teens, and giving back to her fans. As a young, powerful Latina, I see her speaking to youth in different ways. She will assist others in not just the Latino community, but everywhere. I would like to call it “Intuitive Counseling,” because she will be healing people through her own experiences.

Demi had to fight several demons in her life and now that she has risen back to the top, I feel there may be more pressure than ever to, in a sense, prove to herself. Demi just needs to be patient with herself and know that she is an amazing, beautiful, young lady who has so much to offer, mentally and spiritually. I know Demi will have an amazing two years with a lot of changes, but I know she will stay grounded and move in the right direction to help heal those who choose to listen. Stay strong, Demi—it’s your mantra and don’t you forget it!