Adrienne Bailon Responds to Kim Kardashian's Bare Butt Cover

Adrienne Bailon Responds to Kim Kardashian's Bare Butt Cover
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Adrienne Bailon either missed the Kim Kardashian cover craze or decided to opt out. Either way, TooFab brought her into the conversation the other night, showing the star the bare-butt cover that she hadn't seen. 

"I have not!" Bailon said when she was asked whether she had seen Kim Kardashian's (now famous) cover. "No, I've been at work at The Real all day. We're on set all day so I haven't seen anything."

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The star was shown the cover on a phone. Her face changes when she realizes Kim's asset is on full display. "Oh, wow! She's beautiful. She's beautiful…"

Seems there's no bad blood between the stars, who had a riff when Bailon spoke to Latina candidly about the relationship she had with Rob Kardashian and his cheating habits. 

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Kim Kardashian had also seemed to bury the hatchet when she said on Watch What Happens Live when she said, "I know she's a really sweet girl and she has good intentions and she has a good heart."

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