Adrienne Bailon Talks About That Time She Snuck Into Prince's House With Julissa B

The late Prince was known for throwing some awesome parties in his home — just imagine what it would have been like to attend one?

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Adrienne Bailon was actually lucky enough to have done it once. On Tuesday, she and her fellow The Real co-hosts shared some of their fondest memories of the music legend. Bailon's story, though, was possibly the best. The Puerto Rican and Ecuadorian star revealed that along with her best friend, Julissa Bermudez, she took an opportunity to sneak into Prince's house.

"He was inviting like some exclusive radio people. I knew somebody that was going to the party and I was like 'I’m just gonna hang out at this restaurant here and you can find a way to get me then just let me know. I’ll roll right up and you just get me through that door. You know what I’m saying.' And it was at his house and so me and my best friend Julissa we were like, 'Okay, we might get in to Prince tonight.'"

She continued, "So we got all dressed up and just sat at a corner restaurant just chilling at the bar..."

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Watch Bailon share the full story of that night above!