Adrienne Bailon Opens Up About New Relationship: 'My Boyfriend is Not Married'

Adrienne Bailon Opens Up About Her New Relationship: My Boyfriend "Is Not Married"
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Adrienne Bailon is speaking out about her new boo, Israel Houghton

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The Real co-host and the gospel singer faced a lot of criticism after he announced his divorce just one month before he was seen vacationing with Bailon in Tulum. 

"I think I'm more than anything grateful that I have a platform like this, where I can be with my girls. The show is called The Real it is a place where we can speak about the truth," Bailon said during an episode of The Real, according to E! News. "With that being said, the man pictured here is not married. Praise God."

It is not clear how long Bailon and Houghton have been dating but needless to say she didn't cause his divorce and she wants to make that very clear. 
"He had actually put out a statement. He is single, number one. The other thing people were saying was that I was the cause of the divorce, which I think any divorce is obviously a sad thing. People have to go through it, [it] takes time to get through that sort of thing, and I think no one put that time together. I think people see an announcement was made at the top of the year and then they see these photos and then they think well let's put this together but this is why I'm grateful for things like this because it allows you to set the facts straight and God forbid the facts get in the way of a really juicy story. I'm going to say the truth and the truth of the matter is he isn't married. He obviously is divorced."

The last thing Bailon said about her relationship was, "He had put out a statement that he had failed in his marriage and it was five years back and I didn't know him at the time. So to put that on me was obviously hurtful."

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We are glad to see Bailon is setting the record straight and that she might have found love with her new man. Check out if she had anything else to say in the video below: