Exclusive: Adrienne Bailon Opens Up About Being a Stepmom to Her Fiancé Israel Houghton's Kids

Adrienne Bailon/Engagement/NFL Interview
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Adrienne Bailon is engaged and she is yelling it from the roof tops! We spoke to The Real host all about her engagement to fiancé Israel Houghton and what’s it like for her to be a step mom to his four kids. Bailon is someone who loves working so it’s no surprise that she has partnered up with the NFL for their 2016 women’s apparel collection. She dished all about her favorite piece and the best ways to style it.

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Tell us the story about how you guys got engaged? Your bestie, Julissa Bermudez, told us that you guys were friends before.

We were friends for three years. I’m going to go into more details on The Real with the rest of girls. We got engaged in Paris, my parents were there. We were actually on a private yacht on the Seine River so it wasn’t too bad at all [Laughs]. With the Eiffel Tower sparkling in the back, it definitely makes for a magical moment.

How did you feel when it was happening? Did you know or was it a total surprise?

I definitely was surprised because I thought all of these surprises he was doing were for my parents because they were celebrating their 20th year anniversary. I was definitely caught off guard but super excited and really really happy.

Have you guys started planning your wedding?

We have! That’s what 14 hour flights home are for [Laughs].

You mentioned before that you wanted to incorporate your fans and the audience of The Real in your planning process?

I love that because when you have a show like The Real you get to share our lives and allow people to come along with us. I’m really excited about planning my wedding and everything else to come. I’m so excited to have them be a part of it. I even have a fun idea of making it interactive with the girls by having them do some bridal shower planning. Having the fans be a part of that would be fun; from what the theme is, what dress I wear to the hairdo. That would definitely be fun for a bridal shower but not my wedding. The wedding I’m going to figure that part out myself.

What’s it been like for you to take on that role as step mom and all of you come together as a family?

They are awesome! They are wonderful people and I just think they are phenomenal little human beings. Some of them not so little so I get to hang out with them and try on clothes. They are so much fun and I think it’s just a testament to how their parents raise them. They have phenomenal parents.

How do you feel being able to be a part of their lives permanently now?

Honored. I think when you love somebody you love all the parts of them and their extensions. It’s awesome to see little parts of him in them and how smart, wise, kind and generous they are. They are just really great people.

You sound like you are so in love!

I am beyond!

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