Adrienne Bailon: 'The Cheetah Girls Totally Killed My Sexy'

Cheetah girls, cheetah sisters — right?

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More than 13 years after Adrienne Bailon's Cheetah Girls debut, the TV personality is opening up what it was like starring in the Disney Channel movie.

"I did not think The Cheetah Girls was going to be a hit," the 32-year-old explained on The Real. "Not only did I not think it was going to blow up the way it did, but when I first went to audition for The Cheetah Girls I was like 18 and I was in girl group before that called 3LW." Bailon went on to share about the “young attitude” she had, especially playing a 16-year-old character in the song and dance flick.

“At this time, I was starting to date more. Once I finished the film I never wanted guys to watch it,” she said.

Flash forward to today, the actress is engaged to producer Israel Houghton, and she still has the same sentiments. “Until this day I don’t want Israel to watch it because as fun and amazing it was, it totally murders my sexy… It’s like really young,” she admits.

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One question still remains, though: Will Bailon let her stepkids indulge in the movie once married to Houghton?