EXCLUSIVE: Adriana Lima Talks Motherhood, Career & Boxing!

They're growing up so fast! What are they into right now?

Valentina loves to paint. She can paint for hours! She loves glitter, you know those glitter glue sticks, and she puts stickers on everything. She started doing jui-jitsu two times a week so she’s also really into that. And on Sundays, she goes to swimming. She’s really great, she loves to swim!

And Sienna, pretty soon she’s going to start walking, she’s started pushing herself up. She's learning more and more every day and she can say water in Portuguese (ågua) and she can say mamãe and papai, and she’s come up with a nickname for Valentina: she calls her Tatãe!

The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show is in December! Have you started preparing?

I’m going to start to prepare soon [laughs], after the shoot wraps in Paris, I’m going to start to really work out. But pretty much I can count on my kids to keep me in shape. I’m running around, all day, going to the playground playing house, it’s fun. It’s a fun exercise.