EXCLUSIVE: Adriana Lima Talks Motherhood, Career & Boxing!

What's your favorite way to workout?

I’ve been doing boxing for many years – over ten years! The first time I heard of boxing I was about nine years old. My mom had a girlfriend that boxed, and I remember she came in the house with her red gloves and I thought "Wow, those are really really cool!" [laughs] and I was like, one day I’m going to try that. And I came here to New York and I met Michael, and we started working out, and it’s become a passion of mine really. I found this workout because I’m really an energetic person. I love challenges, I love intensity and I also like to challenge my mind. Believe it or not, boxing is not only about physical force. You use a lot of concentration; it’s really mental. So every day you learn something new as well. It’s not boring, it’s not repetitive, and that’s one of the things I love about boxing.

You clearly eat well and exercise, but what's your guilty pleasure food? 

I love cakes. Chocolate and coconut cakes. I love that combination!